3 Steps to ensure your Business will continue to deliver excellence during a busy hurricane season!

Posted on: July 28th, 2020 by admin

Satellite image of Hurricane off the coast of Florida

  1. Ensure all critical devices – phone system, servers, switches, routers, modems, and camera systems are all attached to properly sized battery backups on-site. Your critical data should be backed up off-site in the cloud or at a data center.
  2. Deploy mobile apps for cell phones synched to your business phone system – this helps to ensure calls are handled (even during power and internet outages) by actual employees, whether they are on-site or otherwise.
  3. Change your company’s automated greeting frequently to provide callers a quick snapshot of the company status. Additionally, offer prompts/options/mailboxes for callers (both customers and your employees) to access further detailed instructions and information.

Set your company apart from the competition.

Keep your systems up and running and always – ALWAYS – provide a way for customers and employees to access current information during a potentially debilitating event such as a hurricane.

A Republic Voice and Data representative will be happy to assist your company’s quest to

Deliver Excellence Even During a Hurricane

7 Things to Consider When Moving Your Office from One Location to Another

Posted on: July 23rd, 2020 by admin

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  1. Review your floor plan for cabling needs: Is the new office cabled with Cat5e or Cat6 cable to serve each of your desk locations?
  2. Do you need Wi-Fi in your new office space? If so, be sure to reach out to a qualified vendor for a Wi-Fi quote.
  3. Is there a Data rack on-site to support all your data gear? This is a great time to clean up, label, and place your equipment in an organized fashion on a data rack.
  4. What devices are you moving: computers, telephones, fax machines, printers. Who is responsible for moving these devices?
  5. Do you have video surveillance now and considering moving it? Are there cameras at the new location?
  6. Have you inquired about who the internet providers are for the new address? You will want your new service to be active 20-30 days before the move.
  7. Consider getting help with the heavy, more complicated tasks such as cabling, internet, Wi-Fi, Cameras, and Data Closet setups.

As you can see, there are quite a few items that need completing before any office move. Republic Voice & Data has partnered with many companies to help with the I.T. move with specialties in providing phones, Low Voltage wiring, video surveillance/cameras, Wi-Fi, installing data racks, etc…

Tell us how we might help

Complement Your Efforts for Your Move

What Our MaX Unified Communications Service Has to Offer

Posted on: June 17th, 2020 by admin

A man sitting in front of his apple work computer at his home office

Unified communication solutions have become a popular topic of discussion for businesses recently. With one of the most significant parts of the conversation inevitably being, what solution or service do we go with that will work best for us? It’s not hard to see why, as the sudden transition to working remotely left many businesses pressured to adapt quickly or cease operations. Which is not the most ideal situation to be trying to find the right solution in. Luckily for our clients, the answer was simple, get MaX unified communication with Republic Voice & Data.

Our MaX UC service makes harnessing the power of unified communications easy, as it empowers your always-on workforce with the following features:

  • Work From Anywhere on Any Device
    Our cloud-based platform makes supporting a spread out remote workforce easy. As employees can connect from wherever they are with any devices with internet access such as mobile phones, tablets, or computers.
  • Office Phone Features
    With our service, employees have access to office phone features on whatever device they use. They’ll be able to have dialing plans, outgoing caller ID, ACD hunt groups, and so much more while working from home.
  • Uninterrupted Access
    Our UCaaS platform and all of its capabilities are accessible anywhere at any time. Even in situations such as power outages or natural disasters, calls can be forwarded to any phone and continued as is.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by options when choosing unified communications for your business. However when you look at what they have to offer, it’s clear to see what’s the right choice. Contact Republic Voice & Data today, and get started on empowering your remote workforce with MaX UC.

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Secrets to Buying the Right Technology Tools for Remote Working

Posted on: June 1st, 2020 by admin

Businesswoman on a video conference call

We have discovered that the majority of technology requests fall into two categories.

  1. Forwarding and Distribution of calls

    Many businesses have selected a group of employees ranging from 2-5 people to handle their inbound call traffic. Distributing the calls provides quicker assistance to clients and vendors.

  2. Activating Meeting Tools

    There are many tools that can help organizations to conduct business via the internet. These tools include options for offering Video (“I can see you”), Audio (“I can hear you”) and Document Sharing – (“Let’s review our Scope of work”).
  3. In the past, we have generally met our clients in person, completed a technology discovery, and reviewed the data closet as part of our investigation into how our clients can best benefit from a technology update. This new environment has dictated that those meetings now take place via our Web meeting tools. We have found that these meetings are very effective.

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Best Way to Overcome Remote Employees That Are Feeling the Disconnect?

Posted on: May 29th, 2020 by admin

Man on tablet with background of globe with boxes with faces in them.

The task of working at home can cause isolation, strained/misconstrued business interaction between employees and non-collaboration with management. Luckily, there is a solution.

Video Conferencing can help by:

  • Creating a more personal conversation between employees and management versus sending text/email.
  • Giving the ability to take in visual cues that allow more interactive communication allowing more shared knowledge and less miscommunication.
  • Reducing isolation between employees, which can improve morale and mental health.

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Biggest Mistakes Small Businesses Make When Purchasing Video Meeting Tools

Posted on: May 27th, 2020 by admin

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Due to recent events, remote working and video conferencing are fast becoming an essential part of many business models. While remote working has quite a few upsides, there is one downside you should absolutely be vigilant of. Remote working can expose your company to hacking and phishing attempts. You are taking the steps to keep your personal health safe, you should be doing the same for the health of your company’s data.

The number of cyberattacks attempting to exploit the coronavirus outbreak for their own gain continues to rise.
Both cyber-criminal groups and nation-state-backed hacking operations may attempt to take advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Because Republic Voice & Data’s ambition is to keep our community protected in any way possible, we’ve come up with a few tips to keep your company safe.

Today’s tip is:
When looking to add a tool such as mobile apps for cell phones, video conferencing and web meetings …INSIST THAT THE TOOL IS FULLY ENCRYPTED.

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Check back soon for more tips and stay safe!

Best Ways to Overcome Covid-19 From a Clients Point of View

Posted on: May 26th, 2020 by admin

Holiday House Logo. Red house with blue lettering below

We recently sat down with (as much as anyone can actually “sit down with” anyone) Barbara Russell, VP of Sales & Marketing at Holiday House Distributing to see how COVID-19 has affected Holiday House.

How has Covid-19 changed your business and what is your plan to keep moving forward?

We have deployed our plan for Remote Workers, work shift options, and are utilizing our Mobile apps for our inbound call traffic. We had initially purchased our VoIP package, so we would be prepared for a future Hurricane. We now know that we are prepared and ready for much more! Republic, their team and the telephones are fantastic!

Additionally, our managers and employees are meeting via our Web based Meeting tool which has been helpful for weekly discussions. Republic makes this easy too as these calls are crucial to keeping our lines of communication open.

What’s next at Holiday House Distributing?

We are working to upgrade our ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) System. This seems to be a great time to improve upon our Procedures by implementing tools that bring us efficiency and boost productivity.

So what’s the good you see from all of this?

“What I am most thankful for is that my family is here and healthy! We are blessed with having this time to spend with one another. Time enjoying walks, our yards, playing board games, and yes enjoying some of life’s simplest pleasures.”

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Social Distancing – Stay Calm It’s Working!

Posted on: May 18th, 2020 by admin

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Reports now show that, as large cities including San Francisco, NYC, Seattle and Miami have taken steps to “flatten the curve”, the rate of reported covid-19 hospital admissions has been easing.

What’s next?
Crush the curve the experts say.

  • Institute Harsh measures – shutdowns, social distancing, limiting travel, etc. (we are here now).
  • Stepwise release measures to ensure the epidemic doesn’t take off again.
  • Waiting 30 days after the reproduction number reduces. Meaning the number of new infections generated by each infected person is reduced. Today we show more than 2 people are infected by each person that has the virus.

How do we do that?

The shutdown. The shutdown is now in effect for the foreseeable future.
Our goal is for Herd Immunity – those who have been exposed to the virus are somewhat immune to it.
They suspect that when we re-open our normal way of doing things that the virus will rebound. It is said that 97% of Americans will remain vulnerable.

Additionally, some studies suggest that the virus may follow a seasonal pattern and could come back (or rebound) when cooler weather returns in the fall.

Completely shutting down everything for a long period of time is not compatible with a truly functioning society. So what’s next? The news suggests that we slowly release the restrictions and reintroduce “life as we knew it one step at a time”.

– may not reopen this year, teaching maybe done via Web Meeting tools.
Stores – many have restrictions on the number of people they let into the store at a time.
Businesses will be added back in as more essential offerings are brought back with new safety measures.

So what’s the good from all of this?

  • Families are spending more time with one another.
  • Our ability to entertain ourselves brings back some of our “Good Ole Days” traditions.
  • People are reducing their “Busy” from fitting it all in to “Key essential Activities”.
  • Home Projects are getting done.
  • Outdoor activities are on the rise.

Stone Age or ?

Posted on: May 11th, 2020 by admin

Landscape with mountains, stone hut, river, animals and Neanderthals

Unless you are living in the stone age your company will need some kind of IT support.

There are two types of IT support.

Reactive Support

Reactive is just what it sounds like, a reaction to an event. Basically, if it breaks then you have to call someone in to fix it.

Example: Your server crashes. You have to “react” by placing an expensive service call. This then leads to not only the expense of the service call but also a loss of business while you wait for parts and a final repair.

Pro: low cost of entry upfront

Con: Your company could be down for hours and or days, which will be costly. 60% of business that suffer major computer outages never fully recover from that loss.

Proactive Support

Also, just what it sounds like, you take a Proactive approach and head disasters off before they strike. Proactive IT support is providing services throughout the month to optimize the performance of your Servers and Computers. This keeps you operational and alerts you when systems are in danger of failure.

Example: Because your servers and computers are monitored, an alert pops up to let you know there is an issue with a server that may lead to a crash. The problem is rectified and no downtime/service call is needed.

Pro: No surprises, No down time.

Con: You are paying a monthly management fee for this service. Ensuring uptime and reliability that your processes are continuously running.

Would it be helpful if you had a choice to tailor what your business needs most?

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Remote Solutions in the Construction Industry

Posted on: May 5th, 2020 by admin

Blueprint with model of construction placed on top of it

Even before the Covid-19 Pandemic disrupted business as usual, many forward-thinking companies realized the many benefits to remote working, or the practice of working for an extended period outside a formal office.

For example, some efficiently run construction companies use cell phone mobile applications. These applications enable jobsite superintendents/remote workers to use their cell phones as an extension of the office phone system.

The cell phone application/integration value is clearly realized when real-time conversations increase. Problems are solved more rapidly and with a clearer understanding. These mobile applications can also lead to one solution to overcoming email oversaturation.

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